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Courrier du 23/07/00 : Dear^Competitors, here is the third newsletter for all of you

Courrier du 20/07/00 : Dear Competitors, here is the new letter, Yours Christine and Michael... et en plus, un joli tableau !

Courrier du 09/07/00 : Dear sharkies, requinistas... enclose you find now the weekly mailing. Until next sunday, Yours Christine and Michael

Courrier du 05/07/00 : Dear Requiniste, could you please send us some copies of the new journal to our home adress: Christine Herr Michael Möller-Herr Carsten-Meyn-Weg 33 D-22399 Hamburg Allemagne We are so busy with preparation of the "La Coupe de Monde" and it will became the most important event, the HAI/Requin ever had. So come see and win in Kiel... Yours Christine and Michael

Courrier du 24/04/00 : Bonjour amis du requin, comme vous savez déjà, nous organisons le coup du monde pour le requin à Laboe entre le temps de 13. - 19 aout 2000. À Hamburg vous étes invités de participer à la regate de "Hamburg summer classic" (11. - 13 aout 2000). Pour votre information nous proposons vous d`installer un link a notre web.adress en internet:

A bientot Christine et Michael

Dear  REQUINISTES, ... now we also have a web-site. I send you our web adress together with some pictures for preparation as a appendix to this e-mail- adress. The adress is: Would you be so kind to present our web-site as a link in your web-site! There is one mistake in our web-site. We do accept all kind of HAI/REQUIN not only the wooden ones. This mistake will be taken away as soon as possible. Please leave a notice to your web administrator. Thank you very much.

Best regards Michael and Christine

C'est parti l'Europe !

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